Gita : Ch-12. Slo-6 & 7. Discussion-3.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :
 Chapter-12. ( Bhakti-yogam)
 Slokam-s -  6 & 7.

 ye  tu  sarvani  karmani  mayi sanyasya matparah, 

 ananyenaiva yogena  mam dhyayanta upasate.

  tu  ye  =  but  one  who;
 sarvani  karmani  =  all  karma-s;
 mayi  sanyasya  =  submit / surrender  unto  Me;
 mat-parah  =  being  unto  Me  as  the  Supreme  Goal;
 ananyena  eva  yogena  =  without  distraction,  fixing  his  mind,  on  that  goal  only;
 mam dhyayanta upasate  =  meditate  that  Supreme  goal;

 teṣham aham samuddharta  mṛtyusamsarasagarat,

 bhavami na cirat partha  mayyavesitacetasam.

 mayi  avesita   cetasam  =   who  have  their  manovrutti  completely  based  on  Me;
   tesham  =  for  them;
 partha!  aham  =  hey  arjuna!  I;
 na  cirat  =  without  delay;
 mṛtyu-samsara-sagarat  =  from  the  ocean  of  life  and  death;
 samuddharta  bhavami  =  I  give  liberation  ( from  the  ocean  of  samsaram)  to  them.


To such devotees as these who always are in communion with Lord Krishna in their hearts and minds, He Himself personally becomes their saviour by being their samuddharta or deliverer from mrtyu-samsara-sagarat or the deadly ocean of the perpetual cycle of birth and death which is the principle barrier which stops the atma's or eternal souls of all jivas or embodied from attaining Him when the end of each physical life has transpired.

Being so requested the Supreme Lord Krishna continues to reveal that unlike the path of the abstract, unmanifest, impersonalists which is dukham or miserable; His devotees are quickly delivered from mrtyu-samsara-sagarat or the deadly, never ending cycle of birth and death in the material existence and they attain atma-tattva or soul realisation by His grace.

Those who mayi sannyasya mat-parah or dedicate all their activities to Lord Krishna and mayy avesita-cetasam or whose hearts are absorbed in thinking of Him without ananyenaiva or motives of exploitation and remuneration and who are surrendered in yogena or bhakti yoga exclusive in loving devotion are Lord Krishna's true devotees who have no other goal or object of attention then Him and He personally delivers them from the endless, revolving cycle of transmigration promoting them to the eternal spiritual worlds.

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