Gita : Ch-12. Slo-3&4. Discussion-2.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-12. ( Bhakti-yogam)

Slokam - 3 & 4.


ye  tvaksharamanirdesyam  avyaktam   paryupasate,

sarvatragamacintyam  ca  kutasthamacalam  dhruvam.


sanniyamyendriyagramam  sarvatra  samabuddhayah,

te  prapnuvanti  mameva   sarvabhutahite  ratah.

indriyagramam  samniyamya  =  contolling  all  sense-organs  as  necessary;

sarvatra  samabuddhayah  =  exclusively  and  with  maximum  balanced  mind;

sarvabhutahite  ratah  =  taking  care  and  interest  towards  the  welfare of  complete  living  things;

ye  tu  =  one  who;

arvatragam  acintyam  =  all-pervading  and  unimaginable ( inconceivable );

kutastham  acalam  =  in the center  and  immovable;

dhruvam  anirdesyam  =  permanent  ( fixed )  and  indefinite;

avyaktam  aksharam  =  unmanifested  and  which is beyond the perception of the senses  ( Brahmam )

 paryupasate  =  practice  Upasana;

te  mam  eva  prapnuvanti  =  they  attain  Me  only.


Similarly it has been stated in the Moksha Dharmam :-

That being supported by the attributes of the Supreme Lord, Sri Lakshmi is ever fresh and inaccessible to the senses.

Beyond the mind, unborn, existing even after universal dissolution are her special subsidiary attributes.

The Manu Samhita states that Sri Lakshmi is : -

Harmful to none, unaffected by time, without enmity to any, immutable, without loss of form, manifested in everything, performing every action, she is always existing, symbolizing the principles of tamas and inactivity, dormant during dissolution, beyond the scope of logic and reason, unknowable and passive in all activities.

Later in chapter 15, slokam 16 Lord Krishna states :-

 kutastho 'ksara ucyate meaning those who are personal associates of the Supreme Lord are eternal and infallible like the atma or soul.

The Rig Veda states :-

That which is abiding within that space is kutastho of an eternal nature.

So Sri Lakshmi is eternal because she abides there within that space.

The Gautama section of the Sama Veda states : -

The consort of the Supreme Lord is Sri Lakshmi and she is all pervading, immutable, inscrutable, the progenitor and support of creation the same as the Supreme Lord which is accomplished without any influence of rajas or passion.

According to the Agni Purana as Sri Lakshmi is never leaving her place at the feet of the Supreme Lord, she is achala or stationary.

The Narada Purana states that : -

Sri Lakshmi and the Supreme Lord are unperceivable, unmanifest and beyond the scope of the mind.

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