Gita : Ch-12. Slo-5. Discussion-3.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

 Chapter-12. ( Bhakti-yogam)

 Slokam - 5. (For those whose minds are attached to the unmanifested, impersonal feature of the Supreme, advancement is very troublesome. To make progrese in that discipline is always difficult for those who are embodied.)


Similarly the Sama Veda states in the Ayasya section : -

That it is beneficial to propitiate the Supreme Lord by propitiating the grace of Sri Lakshmi which bestows the grace of the Supreme Lord as well.

It is not sufficient to propitiate Sri Lakshmi separate from the Supreme Lord as then neither of them are pleased and it is by the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord only that she and every other living being becomes eternally pleased so the proper etiquette must be observed.

Following the proper etiquette even if there was some defect or laxity in such propitiation one would not fail to achieve success because Lord Krishna is the sole giver of moksa or liberation from material existence and by performing actions for His satisfaction everything else because exalted which is not possible by the strictest worship of the impersonal, unmanifest, brahmam.

The Moksa Dharma quotes a conversation between Lord Krishna and Sri Laksmi where she states : -

Those who are enthusiastic for moksa will be devoted to worship of the Supreme Lord and that she is always established in those who are devoted to the sanatan dharma or the perrennial principles of righteousness, devoted to atma tattva or realisation of the soul, to those who have perceived the brahman and to those who are truthful, humble and charitable.

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