Gita : Ch-12. Introduction-2.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-12. ( Bhakti-yogam)


The twelfth chapter conclusively determines which of the following two paths is superior.

The worship of the abstract impersonal and imperishable brahmam which is the spritual substratum pervading all existence or personal devotion to the Supreme Lord Krishna in His original, two armed form with personality, qualities and attributes.

At the conclusion of chapter eleven Lord Krishna declared that one who performs all actions dedicated to Him and has only Him as the ultimate goal being exclusively devoted to Him attains Him.

In various slokam-s   ....

such as chapter-9, slokam-31 :

Lord Krishna has ordered Arjuna with

"kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati"

which means declare it boldly that My devotee is never vanquished.

This shows the inherent superiority of the devotees of Lord Krishna.

Similarly the superiority of one who is devoted to knowledge has been given  ---

in chapter-7, slokam-17 with :

"tesham jnani  nityayukta eka-bhaktir"

meaning one in knowledge of exclusive loving devotion is always in communion with Him.

Such men of knowledge excel all others.

Thus although both paths are exemplary Arjuna is requesting to know which of the two paths is superior being better suited for yoga or the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the ultimate consciousness.

To be continued  ...


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