Gita : Ch-12. Introduction-5.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-12. ( Bhakti-yogam )


Arjuna is requesting reassurance since experiencing the reality of Lord Krishna's Visvarupa or Divine Universal form, he was puzzled and unsure if avaktya or the unmanifest being the brahmam or spiritual substratum pervading all existence should be meditated on or should he meditate on prakriti the material substratum underlying physical existence which is the source of the three gunas or modes of material nature being tama or ignorance, raja guna or mode of passion and sattva guna or mode of goodness.

The word aksaram means eternal, absolute and Sri Lakshmi is also eternal and absolute and prakriti arises completely out of her but the Supreme Lord is superior to all that.

Then he is wondering should he not worship the atma or eternal soul within or should he just directly worship the Supreme Lord Krishna with loving devotion?

The indestructible brahmam is a direct reflection of the Supreme Lord and none other then He.

Always being blissful He appears as Vasudeva and is all pervading.

He is also Paramatma the Supreme Soul within the etheric heart of all sentient beings.

This has been given in chapter two.

His form and qualities have been given in chapter three and meditation has subsequently been advised as the consequent activity.

To be continued  ...


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