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Gita : Ch-11. Slo-49.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-49.(Your mind has been perturbed upon seeing this horrible feature of Mine. Now let it be finished. My devotee, be free from all disturbance. With a peaceful mind you can now see the form you desire.)

ma  te  vyatha  ma  ca  vimuddha-bhavo

drshtva  rupam  ghoramidmrmamedam,

vyapeta-bhih  prita-manah  punas-tvam

tad-eva  me  rupam-idam  prapasya.

idrk  ghoram  mama  =  this  fearsome,  terrible  Mine;

idam  rupam  drshtva  =  after  seeing  this  Visvarupam;

te  vyatha  ma  =  do  not  afraid;

vimuddha-bhavah  ca  ma  =  and  do  not  get  bewildered;

tvam  vyapeta-bhih  prita-manah  =  you  without  fear,  be  happy;

mama  tat idam  rupam  eva  =  My  old / usual  form  only,  here;

punah  prapasya  =  look  at  ( the form ) again.  

 Lord Krishna continues stating that if Arjuna is disturbed from seeing the terrifying and frightening aspect of the visvarupa or divine universal form then with a peaceful, contented h…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-48.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-48. ( Lord Krishna : O best of the Kuru warriors, no one before you has ever seen this universal form of Mine, for neither by studying the Vedas, nor by performing sacrifices, nor by charities or similar activities can this form be seen. Only you have seen this.)

na veda-yajnadhyayanair na danaiah

na ca kriyabhir na tapobhir ugraih,

evam-rupah sakya aham nr-loke

drashtum tvad anyena kuru-pravira.

kuru-pravira  =  O best among the Kuru warriors;

nr-loke,  tvad anyena  =  in  the  world  of  human beings  apart  from  you  no  one  can;

veda-yajna-adhyayanaih  =  Vedam,  yajnam,  svadhyayam,  with  these;

evam  rupah  aham  =  Me  in  this  form  ( Visvarupam);

drashtum  na  sakyah  =  not  possible  to  see;

danaiah  na,  kriyabhih  ca  na  =  by  charity  or  by  activities;

ugraih  tapobhih  ca  na  =  by  hard  tapas  and  sadhanas  not  possible  ( to  see Lord's  Visvarupam).

As it is impossible to behold th…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-47.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-47. ( The  Lord said: My dear Arjuna, happily do I show you this universal form within the material world by My internal potency. No one before you has ever seen this unlimited and glaringly effulgent form.)

Sri-bhagavan uvaca;

maya  prasannena  tavarjunedam

rupam  param  darsitam-atma-yogat,

tejo-mayam  visvam - anantam - adyam

yan - me tvad - anyena  na  drshta-purvam.

Sri-bhagavan uvaca  =  Lord Said;

arjuna!  prasannena  maya  =  Arjuna  being  happy  with  you;

atma-yogat  =  by  (My)  own  power  of  Yogam  (  Eternal  potency );

idam  param  rupam  tava  darsitam  =  (I)  have  shown  ( My )  Supreme  form ( transcendental ) to    you;

tejo-mayam  visvam  =  full  of   effulgence  and  the  universal;

anantam - adyam  =  unlimited  and  the  beginning  of;

tvad - anyena  na  drshta-purvam  =  apart  from  you  no  one  had  ( previously )  ever  seen.

 Lord Krishna magnanimously expressed because He was prasann…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-46.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-46. ( O universal Lord, I wish to see You in Your four-armed form, with helmeted head and with club, wheel, conch and lotus flower in Your hands. I long to see You in that form.)

 kiritinam  gadinam  cakra-hastam

icchami  tvam  drashtum  aham  tathaiva,

tenaiva  rupena  catur-bhujena

sahasra-baho  bhava  visva-murte.

 tatha  eva  =  in that position ( as  You  were  before );

kiritinam  gadinam  cakra-hastam  =  with  Kireedam / Makudam  ( Lord'head dress ), Gadha /Mace ( Lord's weapon in  first left hand ),

Sudarsana-cakra  (wheel /disc namely Sudarsanam in  second  tight  hand );

tvam  drashtum  aham  tathaiva  =  I  wish  to  see  Your highness;

sahasra-baho  =  with  many  thousands  hands;

visva-murte  =  O Universal  Lord;

catur-bhujena  =  with  four  hands;

tena  rupena  eva  iva  =  Please  acquire  that  form  only.

The very form of the Supreme Lord Krishna desired to be seen as before is now being…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-45.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-45. ( After seeing this universal form, which I have never seen before, I am gladdened, but at the same time my mind is disturbed with fear. Therefore please bestow Your grace upon me and reveal again Your form as the Personality of Godhead, O Lord of lords, O abode of the universe.)

adrshta-purvam  hrshithosmi   drshtva

bhayena  ca  pravyathitam  mano  me,

tad-eva  me darsaya  deva  rupam

prasida  devesa  jagan-nivasa.

adrshta-purvam   drshtva  =  never seen before  such  Visva-rupam  ( after  seeing  the  Universal  form );

hrshithah  asmi  =  I  am  completely  filled  with  joy;

(tatha  api)  me  manah  =  though  it  is  so,  my  mind;

bhayena  pravyathitam  ca  =  and  I  am  due  to  fear  shivering  too;

deva!  tat  rupam  eva  =  O Lord,  request  to  return  to  your  earlier  form;

me  darsaya  =  and  show  me  too;

devesa  jagan-nivasa  =  O  Lord  of  all  Lords,  the Supreme  refuge  of  the  Universe…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-44.

Sri mad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-44. (  You are the Supreme Lord, to be worshiped by every living being. Thus I fall down to offer You my respects and ask Your mercy. Please tolerate the wrongs that I may have done to You and bear with me as a father with his son, or a friend with his friend, or a lover with his beloved.)

tasmat  pranamya  pranidhaya  kayam

prasadaye  tvam  aham  isam  idyam,

pitheva  putrasya  sakheva  sakhyuh

priyah   priyayarhasi  deva  sodhum.

tasmat,  aham  =  therefore  I;

idyam  isam  tvam  =  worshipable  supreme Lord;

kayam  pranidhaya   pranamya  =  prostraing  (doing  danda-namaskaram )-(before  You);

prasadaye  =  pray  to  ( to beg mercy )  bless ( me );

pitha  putrasya  ( aparadham )  iva  =    (to  my  mistakes )  pitha   unto  puthra  ( father  to  son );

sakha  sakhyuh  iva  =  friend  unto  friend;

priyah   priyayah  iva  =  husband  unto  wife;

deva  mama  =  (likewise)  O, Lord,  from  You,  my;

sodhum  arhasi …

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-43.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita:

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-43. ( You are the father of this complete cosmic manifestation, the worshipable chief, the spiritual master. No one is equal to You, nor can anyone be one with You. Within the three worlds, You are immeasurable.)

pitasi  lokasya  caracarasya

tvamasya  pujyasca  guru gariyan,

na  tvatsamostyabhyadhikah  kutonyah


apratima-prabhava  =   immeasurable  power  (ever  glorious  glory);

tvam  cara-carasya  =  You  are  moving  and  non-moving;

asya  lokasya  pita  =  You  are  the  father  of  this  universe;

pujyasca  gariyan  guru  ca  asi  =  You  are  the  worshipable  Supreme  teacher  too;

lokatraye  api  =  also  in  all  the  three  worlds;

tvat-samah  na  asti  =  there  is  no  one  equal  to  You!

The inconceivable potency of Lord Krishna is being declared with the words apratima- prabhava or possessor of unrivalled power, which having no other comparison is incomparable.

He is the orig…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-41& 42.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-41-42. ( I have in the past addressed You as "O Krishna," "O Yādava," "O my friend," without knowing Your glories. Please forgive whatever I may have done in madness or in love. I have dishonored You many times while relaxing or while lying on the same bed or eating together, sometimes alone and sometimes in front of many friends. Please excuse me for all my offenses.)


sakheti  matva  prasabham  yad  uktam

he  krishna  he  yadava  he  sakheti,

ajanata  mahimanam  tavedam

maya  pramadat  praṇayena  vapi.


tava  idam  mahimanam  ajanata  =  without  knowing  Your  Glories;

saka  iti  matva  =  thinking  ( You )  as  friend;

pramadat  pranayena  va  api  =  out  foolishness  and  out  of  love;

he  krishna  he  yadava  he  sakheti  =  O, Krishna!, O, Yadhava!, O, Friend!,

iti  maya   prasabham  yat  uktam  =  likewise  I  called  You carelessly;




Gita : Ch-11. Slo-40.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-40. (Obeisances from the front, from behind and from all sides! O unbounded power, You are the master of limitless, might! You are all-pervading, and thus You are everything!)

namah  purastadatha  prshthataste

namostu  te  sarvata  eva  sarva,


sarvam  samapnoshi  tatosi  sarvah.

sarvah!  =  All-pervading  O Lord;

purastadatha,  prshthatah  te  namah  =    from the front  and  also  from  the  behind,  offering my  obeisances,  to  You;

atha,  sarvatah  eva  =  also,  from  all  sides,  because;

te  namah  astu  =  You  are  everything,  I  bow  at  Your  feet;

ananta-viryamita-vikramah  =    with  unlimited potency,  and  unlimited force;

tvam  sarvam   samapnoshi   =  You  are  all-pervading,  clothing  all  over;

tatah  sarvah  asi  =  therefore  You  are  everything.

Beholding the resplendent Supreme Lord Krishna in all His glory before him, Arjuna out of extreme expressions of devo…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-39.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-39. ( You are air, fire, water, and You are the moon! You are the supreme controller and the grandfather. Thus I offer my respectful obeisances unto You a thousand times, and again and yet again! )

vayuryamognirvaruṇaḥ  sasankah

prajapatistvam  prapiamahasca,

namo namastestu sahasra-krtvah

punasca bhuyopi  namo namaste.

vayuah, yamah, agniah  =  lord of wind, lord of death,and lord of fire;

varunah, sasankah, prajapathih  =  lord of water, lord moon, lord  Brahma;

prapiamahah ca tvam  =  ancestors and all the above said (lords) are You only;

te sahasra-krtvah  =  again thousands and thousands;

namo namah  = I offer my respects unto You;

punah ca bhuyah api  =  again and again (repeatedly);

te namo namah astu  = namaskaram,namaskaram to You(I offer my respects to You).

The Lord is addressed here as air because the air is the most important representation of all the demigods, being all-pervasive. Arjuna also addresses…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-38.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-38. ( You are the original Personality, the Godhead. You are the only sanctuary of this manifested cosmic world. You know everything, and You are all that is knowable. You are above the material modes. O limitless form! This whole cosmic manifestation is pervaded by You! )

tvam-adi-devah  purushah  puranah

tvam-asya  visvasya  param  nidhanam,

vettha-asi  vedyam  ca  param  ca  dhama

tvaya  tatam  visvam-ananta-rupa.

tvam-adi-devah  =  You  are  the  first Supreme  God;

puranah  purushah  =  Oldest  ( ancient )  Purushan ( Personality;

asya  visvasya  =  this  belief;

param  nidhanam  tvam  =  You  are  the  universal  transcendental;

vettha  vedyam  ca  =  knower  and  the  knowable;

param  dhama  ca  asi  =  Supreme  refuge  you  are  (  for  the  devotees /universe);

ananta-rupa  =  having  unlimited  forms;

tvaya  visvam  tatam  =  You  are  all-pervading,  the  whole  universe.

Everything is resting on the Supre…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-37.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-37. (O great one, who stands above even Brahma, You are the original master. Why should they not offer their homage up to You, O limitless one? O refuge of the universe, You are the invincible source, the cause of all causes, transcendental to this material manifestation.)

kasmacca  te  na  nameran  mahatman

gariyase  brahmanopyadikartre,

ananta  devesa  jagannivasa

tvamaksharam   sadasat  ta param  yat.

mahatman  =  O, Lord;

gariyase  =  far  Superior  aming  all;

brahmanah  api  =  even  to  Brahma;

adikartre  ca  =  the  cause  of  the  beginning;

te  =  To You  Lord;

te  =  they;

kasmat  na  nameran  =  why  not  they  bow  to  you! ( how  is  it  possible  they do  not  pay  respect  ( you );

ananta  devesa  jagannivasa  =  unlimited,  God of the gods,  O refuge of the universe,  my  Lord;

sat  asat  yat  =  far  beyond  "sat  and  asat"   ('cause  and  effect');

tatparam  aksharam  tvam  =   t…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-36.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-36.(O Hrshikesa ( Lord Krishna ), the world becomes joyful upon hearing Your name and thus everyone becomes attached to You. Although the perfected beings offer You their respectful homage, the demons are afraid, and they flee here and there. All this is rightly done.)

arjuna uvaca :

sthane  hrshikesa  tava  prakirtya

jagat  prahrshyatyanurajyate  ca,

rakshamsi  bhitani  diso  dravanti

sarve  namasyanti  ca  siddhasanghah.

arjuna uvaca =  Arjuna  said;

hrshikesa  =  O, Lord;

tava  prakirtya  =  chanting  your  glories;

jagat  prahrshyati  =  the  entire  world  rejoicing;

anurajyate  ca  =  becomimg  attached  and  happy;

(tat)  sthane  =  that  is  true  and  right  thing  only;

rakshamsi  bhitani  =  the  demons  out  of  fear;

disah  dravanti  =  fleeing  in  different  directions;

sarve  siddhasanghah  =  all  perfect  persons;

namasyanti  ca  =  offering  respects  too ( do  namaskaram ).

This slokam and the …

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-35.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-35. (Sanjaya said to Dhrtarashtra: O King, after hearing these words from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Arjuna trembled, fearfully offered obeisances with folded hands and began, falteringly, to speak as follows: )

sanjaya uvaca :

etat  chrutva  vacanam  kesavasya

krtanjalirvepamanah  kiriti,

namaskrtva  bhuya  evaha  krishnam

sagadgadam  bhitabhitah  pranamya.

sanjaya uvaca =  Sanjaya  said to Dhrtarashtra;

kesavasya  etat  vacanam  chrutva  =  on  hearing  Lord's  words  ( speech);

kiriti  bhita-bhitah  =  in  great  fear  Arjuna;

vepamanah  =  shivering /trembling  with;

krishnam  pranamya,  namaskrtva,  =  Bowing  his  head  before  the  Lord,  completely  surrendering;

krtanjalih  sagadgadam  =  with  folded  hands  faltering  without  words;

bhuya  eva  aha  =  again  said.

As we have already explained, because of the situation created by the universal form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Arjun…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-34.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-34. ( "The Lord said: All the great warriors-Drona, Bhishma, Jayadratha, Karna-are already destroyed. Simply fight, and you will vanquish your enemies."

Every plan is made by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but He is so kind and merciful to His devotees that He wants to give the credit to His devotees who carry out His plan according to His desire. Life should therefore move in such a way that everyone acts at Lord's  will and understands the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the medium of a spiritual master. The plans of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are understood by His mercy, and the plans of the devotees are as good as His plans. One should follow such plans and be victorious in the struggle for existence.)

dronam  ca  bhīshmam  ca  jayadratham  ca

karnam  tathanyanapi  yodhaviran,

maya  hatamstvam  jahi  ma  vyathishttah

yudhyasva  jetasi  rane  sapatnan.

maya  hatan  dronam  ca  bhī…

Gita : Ch-11. Slo-33.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-33.(Therefore get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasācin, can be but an instmment in the fight.)

tasmat  tvamuttishtta  yaso  labhasva

jitva  satrun   bhunkshva  rajyam  samrddham,

mayaivaite  nihatah  purvam  eva

nimittamatram  bhava  savyasacin.

tasmat   tvam  uttishtta  = therefore  you  get up;

satrun  jitva  yasah   labhasva  =  earn  fame  on  victory  over  your  enemies;

samrddham   rajyam  bhunkshva   =  experience  the  prosperity  of  your  kingdom;

maya  eva   ete  =   these  people  I;

purvam  eva  nihatah  =  have  already  completely  killed  them;

savyasacin!  =  arjuna! the able  left  hand user  in  archery;

(tvam)  nimittamatram  bhava  =  (you)  just  become  the  cause  (of  killing  only).

The Supreme Lord Krishna is the absolute and independent controller of all creation,…

Gita Ch-11. Slo-32.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-32. (The  Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Panḍavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.)

Sri-bhagavan uvaca

kalosmi  lokakshayakrt  pravrddho

lokan  samahartumiha  pravrttah,

rtepi  tvam  na  bhavisyanti  sarve

yevasthitah  pratyanikeshu  yodhah.

lokakshayakrt  =  inflicting  destruction  to  the  Universe;

 pravrddhah  =  powerful;

 kalah  asmi  =  the  Ime ( is ) I am;

samahartum  =  to  wipe  out  (the  complete  destruction);

iha  pravrttah  =  now  I  am  here  getting  ready;

 pratyanikeshu  ye  yodhah  =  in  these  (two) armies;

avasthitah  te  sarve  =  all  warriors;

tvam  rte  api  =  if  you  not  (  if  you  don't  fight);

na  bhavisyanti  =  no  one  remain  (nobody  will  remain  with  life).

The word kalo means time and includes containing and terminating as well as the embodiment of eternal wisdom …

Gita Ch-11. Slo-31.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-31.( O Lord of lords, so fierce of form, please tell me who You are. I offer my obeisances unto You; please be gracious to me. I do not know what Your mission is, and I desire to hear of it.)

akhyahi  me  ko  bhavanugrarupah

namostute  devavara  prasida,

vijnatumicchami  bhavantamadyam

na  hi  prajanami  tava  pravrttim.

ugra-rupah  bhavan   kah  =   You  with  fierce  form (fearsome  form ), who  are  You;

me  akhyahi  =  please  tell  me  ( who  are  you );

te  namah  astu  =  Pranam, Namaskaram,  unto  You;

devavara!  prasida  = Oh  Lord,  be  gracious;

adyam  bhavantam  =  the  beginning  of  all  Purushan,  unto  your  lotus  feet;

vijnatum-icchami  =  I  wish  to  know;

tava   pravrttim  =  Your  activity/action  (mission),  what  are  you;

na  hi  prajanami  =  going  to  do - I  am  not  understanding.

The Supreme Lord Krishna manifested His visvarupa or divine universal form of wonderful and terrible visag…

Gita Ch-11. Slo-30.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-30. ( O Lord, I see You devouring all people in Your flaming mouths and covering the universe with Your immeasurable rays. Scorching the worlds, You are manifest.)

lelihyase   grasamanah   samantat

lokan  samagran  vadanairjvaladbhih,

tejobhirapurya  jagat  samagram

bhasastavograh  pratapanti  vishno.

jvaladbhih  vadanaih  =  with  blazing  mouths (faces);

samantat  samagran  lokan   =  from  everywhere  ( all  directions )  the  complete  worlds ( people );

grasamanah  lelihyase  =    licking  and   devouring;

vishno   tava  ugrah  bhasah  =  O, Lord!  Your  violent  powerful  rays (illuminating );

jagat  samagram  =  the  whole  Universe  completely;

tejobhih  apurya   pratapant  =  covering  by  scorching  effulgence.

As other transcendental activities of the Supreme Lord Krishna such as the pralaya or the waters of dissolution during universal destruction, unlimited people were entering His mouth due to the proc…