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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : Ch-13, Slo-20, Discussion-3.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-13. ( Kshetra-kshetrajna-vibhaga-yogam)

Slokam-20. ( Nature is said to be the cause of all material activities and effects, whereas the living entity is the cause of the various sufferings and enjoyments in this world.)

"karyakaranakartrtve  hetuh   prakrtirucyate,

purushah  sukhaduhkhanam  bhoktrtveh  heturucyate."

karya-karana-kartrtve  =   the  happening  of  cause and effect;

prakrtih  hetuh  ucyate  =   it  is  said  to  be  the  instrument  is  the  nature;

sukhaduhkhanam  bhoktrtveh  =   in the  experience  of  joy  and  sorrow;   

purushah  hetuh  ucyate  =  it  is  said  that  purusha  is  the  instrument.


Here in this slokam the word purusa is referring to His expansion as the atma within the heart of all living entities which by its own intrinsic nature is liberated and blissful but by the influence of karma and prakriti is entangled in the material existence undergoing experiences of enjoyment and suffer…