Gita : Ch-11. Slo-45.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-45. ( After seeing this universal form, which I have never seen before, I am gladdened, but at the same time my mind is disturbed with fear. Therefore please bestow Your grace upon me and reveal again Your form as the Personality of Godhead, O Lord of lords, O abode of the universe.)

adrshta-purvam  hrshithosmi   drshtva

bhayena  ca  pravyathitam  mano  me,

tad-eva  me darsaya  deva  rupam

prasida  devesa  jagan-nivasa.

adrshta-purvam   drshtva  =  never seen before  such  Visva-rupam  ( after  seeing  the  Universal  form );

hrshithah  asmi  =  I  am  completely  filled  with  joy;

(tatha  api)  me  manah  =  though  it  is  so,  my  mind;

bhayena  pravyathitam  ca  =  and  I  am  due  to  fear  shivering  too;

deva!  tat  rupam  eva  =  O Lord,  request  to  return  to  your  earlier  form;

me  darsaya  =  and  show  me  too;

devesa  jagan-nivasa  =  O  Lord  of  all  Lords,  the Supreme  refuge  of  the  Universe;

prasida  =  be  gracious.

Having humbly beseeched Lord Krishna for full forgiveness, Arjuna now reveals his heart in this verse and the next explaining that by seeing the visvarupa or divine universal form, that had never been seen before and which possesses unlimited grandeur and power he was overjoyed and thrilled but at the same time his mind was agitated and disturbed by the fearful aspect of it.

Feeling trepidation Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to please revert back to the human looking form of his friend that he is accustomed to always seeing.

Beholding the phenomenal but terrifying form of Lord Krishna's visvarupa or divine universal form, fully satisfied the curiosity of Arjuna but his mind was filled with fear.

So he humbly requests Lord Krishna with salutary exclamations of devasa jagan-nivasa meaning O Lord of lords, O refuge of creation.

The word prasida means to please be magnanimous and transform Himself back into that benign form he was accustomed to see.

After humbly beseeching forgiveness for any past indiscretions he may have incurred and observing that Lord Krishna was not displeased, Arjuna confesses that although the visvarupa or divine universal form was wonderful to behold the terrifying aspect of it caused him to be fearful and agitated.

So he requests Lord Krishna to revert back to the form by which he is familiar with to placate his mind and raise his spirits.

To be continued  ....


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