Gita : Ch-11. Slo-22.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-22. ( The different manifestations of Lord Siva, the Adityas, the Vasus, the Sadhyas, the Visvadevas, the two Asvins, the Maruts, the forefathers and the Gandharvas, the Yakshas, Asuras, and all perfected demigods are beholding You in wonder.)

rudraditya  vasavo  ye  ca  sadhyah

visvesvinau  marutascoshmapasca,


vikshante  tvam  vismitascaiva  sarve.

rudra  adityah  vasavah  =  manifestations of Lord Siva,  the  Adityas,  the  Vasus;

sadhyah  visve  =  the Sadhyas  and  the  Visvadevas;

asvinau  marutah  =  the  Asvinikumaras  and  the  Maruts   ( Wind );

ushmapah  =  the forefathers;

 gandharva  yaksha  asura  =  the  Gandharvas,  the  Yakshas  and  the  demons;

siddha  samghah  =  Siddhas,  the  whole  groups;

ca  ye  =  likewise,  who  ever  there;

sarva  ca  eva  =  all  of  themm;

visvamitah  =  completely  stunned  in  wonder;

tvam  vikshante  =  are  looking  at  you.

The names of various groups of demigods such as Rudras, Adityas, Vasus, Maruts, Gandharvas, etc. are all looking aghast at the terrifying splendour of Lord Krishna's visvarupa or divine universal form.

The word cosmopas being those who imbibe the aroma of the food which is Vedically offered and eaten refers to the group of pitris or manes which are one's own forefathers and ancestors.

The Manu Samhita III. CCXXXVII states : - the pitris partake of the aroma of food as long as it is hot, as long as the guests eat silently without speaking and as long as the host has not requested to know how good the food was.

The cosmapas equals ca and usmapah meaning the forefathers which belong to group of beings known as the pitris or the deified ancestors.

The Taittirya Upanisad I.X beginning usma-bhagahi pitarah meaning the forefathers belong to the deified ancestors confirms this.

Manu Samhita CCLXXXIV states : - that the deceased fathers are called Vasus, the deceased grandfathers are called Rudras and the deceased great-grandfathers are called Adityas.

Among the various groups of demigods what is named cosmpas equals ca and usmapah the forefathers.

The Taittriya Upanisad confirms that the usmapas are part of the pitris or deified ancestors.

The Manu Samhita III.CCXXXVII states : -

The pitris partake of the food that is Vedically offered as long as the food remains hot, the guests remain silent while eating and the host has not requested to know the virtues of the food tasted..

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