Gita : ch-10. Slo-18.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-10.( Vibhuthi-yogam )

Slokam-18. ( Arjuna : Tell me again in detail, O  Krishna, of Your mighty potencies and glories, for I never tire of hearing Your ambrosial words.)

vistarenatmano  yogam   vibhutim   ca   janardana,

bhuyah   kathaya   trptirhi   srnvato  nasti   memrtam.

janardana  =  hey  Krishna!

atmanah  yogam   vibhutim   ca  =  your  yogam  and  Vibhthim ( mystic power  and  opulences);

vistarena  bhuyah   kathaya  =  explain  me  more  about  in  detail;

hi  =  why  because;

amrtam  srnvatah  =  hearing  your  amrtavani;

me  trptiah  na  asti  =  yet  I  am  not  satisfied  still.

Previously in slokam  eight Lord Krishna revealed that He is the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Ultimate Reality and the cause and origin of all.

Now He is being requested to elaborate in more detail and supply further facts about His vibhuti or Supreme transcendental opulence and His Supreme yoga being the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the ultimate consciousness, in regard to His Supreme ruler-ship throughout all creation.

Arjuna confesses that listening to His unparalleled instructions is exactly like ambrosial nectar and he is never satiated by it.

It could be feasible that Lord Krishna might ask Arjuna why is he asking to repeat what was told already in VII.VIII that He is the flavour in water and in IX:IV that everything in creation is permeated by Him.

The 7th chapter reveals some of His divine glories and the 9th chapter His Supreme Power.

Earlier in this chapter verse VIII it is revealed that Lord Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Truth and the origin of everything animate and inanimate.

What Lord Krishna spoke of previously was to concise and brief.

Because of this Arjuna speaks the compound word vistarenatmano yogam meaning explain in detail the process of yoga or the science of the individual consciousness attaining communion with the ultimate consciousness of Lord Krishna.

Arjuna is feeling that Lord Krishna's unequivocal instructions are just like ambrosial nectar and to hear in detail about the power of His glorious vibhuti or divine, transcendental opulence along with His eternal power of yoga just increases this ambrosial nectar.

So again here Lord Krishna is being humbly beseeched to describe His transcendental, majestic opulence in detail as well as the process of devotion unto Him which insures and guarantees success.

Arjuna who is a royal prince and kshatriya or warrior class requests kathaya meaning please describe.

He wants Lord Krishna to advise a way that even for a mind like his who is always embroiled in politics, war and mundane worldly affairs and is seldom introspective can still contemplate the Supreme Lord in various ways through the medium of His vibhuti or transcendental, majestic opulence.

Not only this but Arjuna wants to hear more and more about Lord Krishna's divine glories and phenomenal powers for he finds the discourses of the Supreme Lord to be just like ambrosial nectar and states trptir hi srnvato nasti me meaning he is never satiated by hearing the instructions of Lord Krishna.

Although He is unborn yet the Supreme Lord Krishna removes the miseries for those who are born.

Therefore He is known as Janardana the remover of afflictions.

The Bavahraya text describes Janardana as the supreme unborn remover of affliction.

To be continued  ...


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