Gita : Ch-10. Slo-16.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :


Slokam-16. ( Arjuna requests :"Please tell me in detail of Your divine powers by which You pervade all these worlds and abide in them". )

vaktumarhasyaseshena   divya  hyatmavibhutayah,

yabhirvibhutibhirlokan  imamstvam  vyapya  tishthasi.

hi  =  therefore;

yabhih  bibhuthih  =  what  all  vibhuthi-s;

iman  lokan  vyapya  =  this  world  is  filled  with;

tvam  tishtathi  =  your  presence  is  situated;

divyah  atmavibhutayah  =  ( those )  divine  atma-vibhithi-s;

aseshena  vyaktum   =  to  tell  (  me  ) completely;

tvam  arhasi  =  possible  to  you  only, please  explain  to  me  in  detail.

The word vibhutayah means transcendental opulence denoting vivida bhutayah or Lord Krishna's multitudinous manifestations in many wonderful and phenomenal forms.

Whatever glories and wondrous phenomenal activities that manifest and exist as a result of the Supreme Lord Krishna; only He and He alone is able to describe and elaborate upon them as only He alone is capable of displaying them.

His glories are unlimited and endless and as He is proficient in the governing of all creation through His all pervading aspect and the governing of all beings by His paramatma aspect within all beings as the Supreme soul.

Only Lord Krishna is known to Himself and able to elaborate upon His transcendental, majestic opulence and not the demi-gods or any other gods.

Therefore all His divine attributes and phenomenal qualities which are pervading throughout all creation should mercifully be described by Him.

 Lord Krishna is being implored to elaborate upon His glorious vibhuti or transcendental opulence as only He is able to accurately describe in full His divinely supreme glories by which He pervades and controls all creation.

To be continued  ...


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