Gita : Ch-11. Slo-17.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. (Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Slokam-17. (Your form, adorned with various crowns, clubs and discs, is difficult to see because of its glaring effulgence, which is fiery and immeasurable like the sun.)

kiritinam  gadinam  cakrinam  ca

tejorasim  sarvato  diptimantam,

pasyami  tvam  durnirikshyamsamantat


kiritinam  gadinam = with (kiritam) head dress, (gada ) mace;

cakrinam  ca = (cakram) wheel, with all these things;

tejorasim = with great bright shining;

sarvatah  diptimantam = shining  everywhere;

durnirikshyam = difficult to see directly;

diptanalarkadyutim = with blazing fire and sun's shine;

aprameyam tvam = immeasurable, as you;

samantat pasyami = I see everywhere.

Bedecked with resplendent crowns, diadems, mace and disc illuminating all directions the Supreme Lord Krishna's visvarupa or universal form was so effulgent and dazzling with a radiant lustre so bright that it was unfathomable and thus impossible to determine it fully.

Lord Krishna's visvarupa or divine universal form was like a blazing fire, like a dazzling sun, an all illuminating radiant effulgence.

The word aprameyam denotes beyond compare.

Lord Krishna's visvarupa or divine universal form is specifically mentioned as being adorned with unlimited diadems, unlimited sceptres, unlimited flaming discs and unlimited accoutrements.

A beaming bright lustre in an effulgent mass of splendour.

The visvarupa has the radiance of blazing fire and dazzling sunlight making it difficult to gaze upon and impossible to discern its immeasurable appearance.

Lord Krishna's visvarupa or divine universal form was a mass of blazing radiant glory, dazzling the vision in all directions.

It had an effulgent brilliance that was more lustrous then the sun and was adorned with unlimited diadems, unlimited sceptres wielding unlimited cakras or discs. It was immeasurable and beyond any conception of imagination

To be continued  ...


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