Gita : Ch-11. Introduction-2.

Introduction gives you  what  so  far  we  studied,  chapter after chapter, before the chapter-11.

Follow  very  carefully : - Very important  each line  which takes  you  to  why VISVA-RUPA-DARSANAM,  immediately after Vibhuthi Yogam....

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Introduction to the Visva - rupa - Darsanam :


Arjuna said to Lord Sri Krishna :

“I heard Your glory from You Yourself.

Who can describe You except Yourself?

You have told me everything.

You have glorified Your Atman, Your Self, as the be-all and end-all.

Now I would like to see this wondrous existence of Yours, outside which nothing is.

It startles me out of my wits when I hear that You are the Creator of this universe, that the universe is in You and yet You are not in it, that nothing can operate anywhere, not even prakriti and the three gunas, without Your being there as the substratum.

You have told me all that.

You have asked me to discipline myself through the performance of duty, and You have asked me to contemplate and meditate through the yoga techniques which You have mentioned.

But You have also perplexed my mind by the additional statement that You frequently make together with other instructions : -

that everything is You, everything proceeds from You, everything is sustained by You, and everything recedes back into You, and finally saying that only You exist.

This true existence of Yours, which is independent of all the manifestations that You speak of, is the true glory that You have been referring to now and then.

I would like to be blessed with this vision.

O Supreme Purusha! Purushottama! I would like to behold Your glorious Being, if You deem it proper for me, if You condescend to grant this boon to me, and if You graciously accept that I am fit enough to visualise this Great Form.”

Arjuna  to  Lord  continued : -

 “O Supreme Lord! Master of yoga! If You think that I am ready for this vision, let me be granted the vision of the immortal Universality that You are.”

To be continued  .....


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