Gita : Ch-11. Introduction-5. (Last )

Introduction gives you  what  so  far  we  studied,  chapter after chapter, before the chapter-11.

Follow  very  carefully : - Very important  each line  which takes  you  to  why VISVA-RUPA-DARSANAM,  immediately after Vibhuthi Yogam....

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Introduction to the Visva - rupa - Darsanam :

Part-5. ( Last )

So here is a great treasure for us, and in this wondrous treasure of the Gita we have the supreme treasure of the description of the eternity and infinity that God is, the form which is called Visvarupa Darshana—Vaisvanara Tattva, which was revealed to Arjuna.

Sri Krishna showed this Visvarupa four times in his life. When he was a little baby, his elder brother complained to their mother that he was eating mud. His mother caught hold of the child and gave him a slap, “You are eating mud!”

“No, I didn’t eat mud. You can see my mouth,” he said.

He opened his mouth, and that lady saw the whole universe—all the oceans and rivers—and she was stunned. Then maya immediately cast a veil over her and she entirely forgot the vision, and placed the child on her lap.

The second time Sri Krishna showed this terrific vision was in the court of the Kauravas, when Duryodhana would not listen to any good advice. The third time was this Bhagavadgita Visvarupa Darshana. The fourth time was when Sri Krishna was returning to Dvaraka after the war was over and on the way, near Rajasthan, he met a sage called Uttanka.

Uttanka stopped Sri Krishna and said, “Please! What happened, after all? There was a quarrel between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and you were trying to mediate. What was the outcome of it?”

Sri Krishna replied, “Oh, it was all no good. I tried my best to make peace, but Duryodhana would not listen. War took place, they were destroyed, and the Pandavas were crowned king.”

“Oh! You are a very partial person. This is very bad. You could have stopped the war if you wanted to. No! I’ll curse you just now,” said Uttanka.

Then Sri Krishna said, “Why do you waste the little tapasya that you have gained by the service of Guru, etc.? Your curse cannot affect Me, because the Universal Power is in Me.”

“Is it so? Is it? Are you the Universal Power? May I know that, then?”

Immediately Lord Sri Krishna showed the Visvarupa once again, and then he left for Dvaraka.

Introduction : ENDS.

Next : Slokam-1.

To be continued  ..


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