Gita : Ch-11. Introduction-4.


Introduction gives you  what  so  far  we  studied,  chapter after chapter, before the chapter-11.

Follow  very  carefully : - Very important  each line  which takes  you  to  why VISVA-RUPA-DARSANAM,  immediately after Vibhuthi Yogam....

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-11. ( Visvarupa-darsana-yogam)

Introduction to the Visva - rupa - Darsanam :


After the entire war was over, one day Sri Krishna and Arjuna were sitting leisurely in a garden and chatting.

Arjuna, who had doubts about this vision, asked Sri Krishna : -

“Great Master! You said something to me at the beginning of the war. I do not remember it fully. Will You kindly recount it once again?”

Sri Krishna replied : -

“Foolish man! I thought you were very intelligent, but you have forgotten everything that I told you.”

Parah hi brahma kathitah yogayuktena tanmaya (Anu 1.12) :-

“At that time I was one with That which alone is. I shall not summon this kind of unity at all times. At that time I assumed the form of Supreme Yoga, and the words were spoken by that Universal Existence with which I was one at that time. I will not once again summon that form, that vision, that power, that perfection, merely for titillating your curiosity. Anyway, I will tell you some stories, which are a kind of secondary substitute for what I told you earlier.”

That secondary substitute in the form of certain stories, illustrations, etc., that occurs towards the end of the Mahabharata epic is called the Anugita—a secondary Gita, not the primary one.

The primary Gita is here; and once it is told, it is told forever, and nobody can repeat it.

Krishno janati vai samyak kinchit partho dhananjayah, vyaso va vyasaputro va is an old saying : -

Only Sri Krishna knows the real meaning of the Gita.

Arjuna knows something.

Vyasa and Suka know.

Others only hear it.

To be continued  ...