Gita : Ch-6. Introduction-4.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-6. ( Dhyana-yogam )

Introduction-4.( Last Part. )

However Arjuna could not understand the secret of Lords narration. In the beginning Lord encouraged him to do his Kshatriya karma and at the end Lord when the glory of karma-sanyasm was narrating, Arjuna completely confused.

Hence what is karma-sanyasam, how to get out of the grips karma-phalam, while engaged in karma, then fully independentby the inducement of rewards/gains etc from the karma, these things was touched in the fifth chapter "karma-sanyasa-yogam".

Lord advised to do karma in the yajna bhavam, then selfish motives for the profits are thrown out, and thus for the society's  welfare  go on with karma with dedication.

Lord - indicated the ways  to make karma into yajnam too. They are : 1. Fully discard the state karthruthvabhavam i.e.; ( I am doing this karma- this state ), 2. Do not bother about the results, /gains/profits/fruits/advantages/benefits/rights etc.;

One who when discard the karthruthva-bhavam and the phalakamksha- to him karma-phalam ( vasana ) is not a bondage.

To these instructions, one who work accordingly, his mind becomes the centre of supreme strength. The intelligent sadhaka make this mind under his supervision and control. In this way the developed mind is the tool for 'Dyana-abhyasam' ( meditation ).

In this sixth chapter "Dyanayogam"  is explained. Insead swallowing the policies straight, let us try to examine in detail and intelligently study the chapter.

Our present weak points are omitted and superior aspects of life are taken in, by this chapter.

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To be continued  ....


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