Gita : Ch-6. Introduction-2.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-6. ( Dyana-yogam )

Introduction : 2.

Bhagavad-Gita is the purport of the maha vakya "Tattvamasi."

The first six chapters, are about the term "tvam" which represents 'Jivatma' and,

next six ( 7-12 ) chapters, are about the term "tat" which represents ' Paramatma' and,

the last six ( 13-18) chapters, are about the term " asi" which narrates the union of Jivatma and Parmatma,
- this is the opinion of Jnani-s / Pandits.

Out of these first part-the main part- ends with this sixth chapter 'Dyana-yogam.'

The second chapter without introduction discloses the Upanishadic tattvam-s, it seemed something new to Arjuna!

The highest state of a brahma nishtan - "Mahatma" is beautifully drawn in the end of second chapter.

Balancing the mind and control and regulation of self - the supreme state of these when heard the descriptions, Arjuna realised the importance and prepared to attain the state, thereafter moved forward to realise this.

A difficult problem - when Arjuna had to face this- Arjuna fell in confusion - this the time 'Gitopadhesam'was given to him.

In that situation-his mind was not eligible for Dyanam- the full concentration. This does not mean -that Vedanta Sadhanas only for a few.

Though All are not eligible for Dyanam or Meditation, however they can be uplifted step by step - to lead to the stage where the Parama-Padham is situated, Our sastram-s guide us various Sadhana procedures to reach the goal.

Introduction continues..

To be continued  ....


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