Gita : Ch-6. Introduction-3.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-6. ( Dhyana-yogam )


According to the eligibility of Sadhaka, the Sadhana methods are scientificaly classified into different parts, these things are unknown to present day modern superficial so called vedantins, they are ignorant,  not  capable to understand .

Pure jnanam is not for all, all are not eligible, if this statement says so, many may mis-understand that this is sectorial,only for few.

This is because that these people do not know about the interests of Veda-s, as Veda-s insist on inner purity of Sadhaka.

Mind  with  full  of  sorrow, and intelligence  with  flood  of  desires, Arjuna, at  present  not eligible  to the superior Sadhana programme, Dyanam or meditation.

Mind and intelligence, with various ways, to be purified, get ready for further activities, this is made possible by the third chapter -Karmayogam.

Though karma pure and superior, still it leaves, few impressions/marks in the heart of kartha ( doer), to get the wounds healed, the doer needs rest to refresh his heart, to attain comfort.

This is explained in the forth chapter Jnana-karma-sanyasa-yogam.

There Lord Krishna, behind all activities presence of Pramatma, is made sure with his knowledge, then mind fully involved, when karthvya-karma-s are operated, balance of mind and intelligence, is possible, this is clarified to Arjuna.

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