Gita : Ch-2. Slo-50.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-2. ( Samkya-yogam )

Slokam-50. Lord talks about balanced mind, renunciation, yogam and karmam....

Buddhiyukto    jahatiha    ubhe     sukrtadushkrte,

Tasmadyogaaya    yujyasvah    yogah    karmasu    kausalam.

buddhiyuktah  =  yogi  who    has   gained   even   mind;

iha   =  in  this   birth   itself;

sukrtadushkrte  ubhe   jahati   =   renouncing  both  punyam  and   papam;

tasmadyogaaya  yujyasvah   =   hence     work    to   achieve    yogam;

karmasu  kausalam   yogah   =   the  art  of   Karmam   itself   'yogam'.    

A man engaged in devotional service rids himself of both good and bad actions even in this life. Therefore strive for yoga, O Arjuna, which is the art of all work.

Since time immemorial each living entity has accumulated the various reactions of his good and bad work, As such, he is continuously ignorant of his real constitutional position. One's ignorance can be removed by the instruction of the Bhagavadgeeta which teaches one to surrender unto Lord in all respects and become liberated from the chained victimization of action and reaction, birth after birth. Arjuna is therefore advised to act in  consciousness, the purifying process of resultant action.

After pointing out the defects of performing optional activities which are not essential, Lord Krishna extols the virtues of equanimity in that it neutralises all reactions without a doubt both positive and negative. Therefore everyone should make a diligent endeavour to achieve this consciousness of equanimity. For one expertly engaged in actions which do not incur reactions on their path to attain liberation form the material existence and the ultimate truth is the highest skill.

Those whose activities are inherently protected under the secure guidance of spiritual intelligence are released from the bondage of continuous rebirth in the material existence. Hence one should undeviatingly remain steadfast in spiritual intelligence. Although cultivating spiritual intelligence indeed takes enormous effort to achieve, once attained is not difficult to maintain. All actions performed from the platform of spiritual intelligence are not binding and the mind is preserved in a perfectly equipoised state which can be compared to a state of a blissful a genius sometimes experiences which is very wonderful.

But one who is engaged in actions performed in spiritual intelligence is superior. By the grace of the Supreme Lord one acting in this way is relieved of both good actions which leads to heaven and evil actions which lead to hell even in this very life. Therefore verily one should always engage oneself in the sacred science of one's individual consciousness attaining communion with the Ultimate Consciousness by consecrating in righteousness all activities unto the Supreme Lord for this. This is known as karma yoga. Because this sacred science is the actual skill in performing all activities, is the formula for righteous actions which turns even ordinary activities that normally lead to bondage into the means of liberation by offering them in righteousness unto the Supreme Lord Krishna.

To be continued  ...


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