Gita : Ch-2. Slo-37.

Srimad  Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-2. ( Samkya-yogam )

Slokam-37. ( Lord  continued...  : O son of Kunti, either you will be killed on the battlefield and attain the heaven, or you will conquer and enjoy the  world. Therefore get up and fight with determination. )

Hato    va    prapsyasi    svargam    jitva    va    bhoksyase    mahim,

Tasmadutthishtta     kaunteya    yuddhaya      krtaniscayah.

hato    va   =   ( in  case )   being    killed    either;

svargam  prapsyasi  =   you    (  Arjuna  )    may   gain    heaven;

jitva  va   =   or     if      you   win    (the   war);

mahim   bhoksyase   =   you     enjoy    the   world   (  empire );

tasmad   kaunteya    =    therefore    Hey     Arjuna!

yuddhaya   krtaniscayah   =   decide    with    determination     to    fight    ( battle  );

utthishtta   =   ( and  )  Get    up.

Even though there was no certainty of victory for Arjuna's side, he still had to fight; for, even being killed there, he could be elevated into the heaven.

The previous statement given by Arjuna in Chapter- 2, slokam-6, about his concern of not knowing which is better: to conquer the enemy or be conquered by the enemy, is now being clarified by the Supreme Lords instruction in this verse, that by either conquering he will win dominion of the earth or by being conquered he will directly attain the heavenly spheres.

If slain in battle while fighting bravely a Kshatriya will certainly attain the heavenly spheres. It is also stated in the Vedic scriptures that if a Kshatriya is victorious in battle what will be gained is dominion of the Earth and at the end of the life the heavenly spheres are guaranteed as well. Thus those who fight bravely in battle and are undefeated acquire more merit than those who are defeated.

So in order to protect both the Earth and the heavenly realms it is better for a mighty warrior to face his enemies and fight. This Lord Krishna emphasises with the word hata meaning slain showing that slain or not slain there is benefit in both. So by this Arjuna's previous doubt of not knowing what is better to slay or be slain and will they have victory or not are eradicated as both conclusions give benefit. So Arjuna should rise up and fight.

To be continued  ...


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