Gita : Ch-2. Slo-36.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter - 2. ( Samkya-yogam )

Slokam-36. ( Lord    mention    about     his    enemies    reaction  :  Your enemies will describe you in many unkind words and scorn your ability. What could be more painful for you? )

Avacyavadamsca    bahun    vadisyanti    tavahitah,

Nindantastava     samarthyam    tato    duhkhataram    nu    kim.

tava  ahitah  =   your   enemies;

tava   samarthyam  nindantah   =   condemning  your  capabilities   ( abilities );

vadisyanti  ca  =  also,  will   say

bahun    avacyavadan   =  ( talk  worse)   many    unkind    fabricated words    (  unspeakable    useless    talk);

tatah  duhkhataram   kim   nu   =   thereafter,   ( of    course )  more    painful,     what    is    there?

The condemnations from his enemies regarding Arjuna's failure to execute his duty as a ksatriya are presented in this slokam.

Lord Krishna was astonished in the beginning at Arjuna's uncalled-for plea for compassion, and He described his compassion as befitting the non-Kshatriyans. Now in so many words, He has proved His statements against Arjuna's so-called compassion.

Not only would Arjunas estimation wane in the assembly of mighty warriors but here Lord Krishna uses the word nindantah meaning to vilify. Arjunas enemies such as Duryodhana would say many unbecoming things about him such as: Look at the impotent Arjuna fleeing the battlefield like a dog with its tail between its legs and Karna would smirkingly add that although Arjuna was very valiant in the past now fearing our might he has become feeble- hearted and so he expeditiously leaves the battlefield like a coward to save his own life. Lord Krishna asks Arjuna what can be more painful than this?

To be continued  ...


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