Gita : Ch-10. Introduction-4.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-10. ( Vibhuti-yogam )

Introduction Last part- 4.

The Tenth Chapter Begins – The Glories of God.

Part-10.( Last )

Gita : (10.19):


hanta   te   kathayishyami   divya   hyatmavibhutayah,

pradhanyatah   kurusreshha    nastyanto    vistarasya   me.

The Lord says, “I will tell you briefly. The details that you are speaking of are endless, infinite. How will I go on telling you all that is infinite in its nature? But I will give you an outline of where you can locate Me in this world.”

Gita : (10.20):

Ahamatma   gudakesa    sarvabhutasayasthitah,  ..... 

“I am the soul of all beings.

Wherever you see existence, there you see Me present as the basic fundamental reality of all.

The love of life, which can be seen even in the worst of creatures, is actually a distorted love that they are manifesting towards the existence of their own individuality—

but actually, that existence is borrowed from My universal existence.

I am the soul, the basic reality, the undiminished essence, the fundamental existence bereft of association with the body, mind, and all other social connections.

That deepest essence, the ‘I’ which you refer to, the ‘I’ that is in everything—in plants, in animals, in insects, in gods—that ‘I’, the soul, as it were, of all things, is Me.

The deepest reality, the soul, the Self, the indubitable fundamentality in all things, is Me. Wherever you see love of life persisting and a clinging to existence, realise, notice and understand that everybody is clinging to My true universal existence that operates through their individual bodies, which they mistake for real existence.

The Atman, the Self of all beings, is Me. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all things.

If the universe has come from somewhere, realise that it has come from Me.

If it is existing now, it is due to My existence; and one day or the other, it shall be absorbed into Me.

This is to tell you, briefly, the cosmic aspect of My manifestations.

Now I shall tell you the individualised, specialised forms of My manifestations, which are such glories as the sun and other things.”


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