Gita : Ch-9. Introduction.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-9. ( Raja-vidya-guhya-yogam).


The Ninth Chapter is something like the Seventh Chapter.

Whatever we have been told in the Seventh Chapter by way of a universal religion is explained in a different way, in a more deviated style, with some detailed descriptions.

Practically, the Ninth Chapter is a continuation of the very same theme that we had in the Seventh Chapter, with the Eighth Chapter in between with its message of it being necessary for us to know what will happen to us after death even if we are highly religious people.

The Ninth Chapter is a highly religious scripture by itself.

 “This is the secret of secrets that I am going to tell you.”

“Because you are highly devoted to Me and you are not prejudiced against anything, I shall tell you this secret of secrets.”

The reference to jnana and vijnana was also made in the Seventh Chapter.

Now once again it is repeated : -

“I shall tell you everything regarding jnana and vijnana—that is, knowledge as well as spiritual experience. Or it can also mean the knowledge of everything connected with this world and the knowledge of the eternal realities. I shall describe to you what these are.”

This is called rajavidya, the kingly science and the kingly secret.

“It is as secret as the king’s abode, and as glorious as the king himself.

Such is this vidya, this knowledge into which I am going to initiate you.

Rajavidya rajaguhyam pavitram idam uttamam -: Most sacred is this knowledge; best of all learning is this.

Pratyaksavagama? dharmyam : -

You will know the result of it by direct experience.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it.

You will know what the meaning of all this is by direct experience, and you will rejoice to have that experience.

Susukham : -

Immense rejoicing—from blessedness you move to blessedness by knowing this truth.

Kartum avyayam :-

It is easy to practise, and the effect it produces is imperishable.”

To be continued  ....


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