Gita : Ch-4. Slo-5.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-4. ( Jnana-karma-sanyasa-yogam )

Slokam-5. ( Lord Krishna replied : Many births of mine and also of your's passed, O Arjuna I am knowledgable all of  them, but you are not. )

Sri-Bhagavan uvaca :

Bahuni  me  vyatitani  janmani  tava  carjuna,

tanyaham  veda  sarvanni  na  tvam  vettha   parantapa.

Sri-Bhagavan uvaca   =   Lord    replied   (to Arjuna's question);

me  tava  ca   =  to  Me    and     you;

bahuni  janmani  vyatitani  =  many  births  passed;

tani  sarvanni  aham  veda  =  all  those  (births),  I,  know;

tvam na vettha  parantapa  =  o arjuna  you  do  not  know.

Lord Krishna replying informs Arjuna that He instructed Visvavan in a different form then the one Arjuna is beholding at that moment and that by His supreme potency, immutable and imperishable He remembers it as well as every appearance that He ever manifested.

Lord Krishna understanding Arjuna's intention in posing this question explains that many births have passed meaning that they have both experienced many bodily manifestations. Lord Krishna is aware of them all as well as all other living beings because His knowledge is complete and omniscient but Arjuna's knowledge is veiled as well as all other living entities.

Lord Krishna's  declaration of: many births have past for you and for Me is a definite affirmation of the reality of reincarnation for Arjuna and confirmation of the avatars or incarnations of the Supreme Lord Krishna. What He is confirming is that His present incarnation is as real as Arjuna's present life reincarnation and that the ones from the past are real as well, subtly implying that there is a fundamental difference between them. The nature of the avatars, how they manifest and their purpose for incarnating is given next slokam.

To be continued  ...


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