Gita : Ch-3. Slo-40.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-3. ( Karma-yogam )

Slokam-40. (  It is declared that the senses, the mind, and the intelligence  are the seat  ( stronghold ) of this lust, covering one's discrimination, this enemy of lust deludes the Jiva (living  things. )  

Indriyanni  mano  buddhirasyadhishttanamucyate,

etairvimohayatyesha  jnanamavrtya  dehinam.

indriyanni  manah  buddhiah  =  the Senses,  the Mind  and  the Intelligence;

asya  =  this  (of  lust);

adhishttanam  ucyate  =   said  to  be  the  seat;

esha  etai  =  this  lust  with  the  help  of  these  ( senses, mind, intelligence );

jnanam  avrtya  =  covering  jnanam  (wisdom);

dehinam  vimohayanti  =  stimulate  (to enjoy)  the  Jiva.

Now the locations where the enemy kama or lust is given by Lord Krishna. The senses becoming excited agitates the mind and the mind becoming excited envelopes the intellect with this kama..

By revealing the locations where kama or lust covertly resides Lord Krishna indicates that there is a method of controlling it. The senses infatuate the mind, the mind infatuates the intellect and the intellect enveloped by kama loses all discriminatory powers and succumbs to the pursuance of gratifying one's senses in sensual pleasures. This infatuation reverses the delight in cultivation of Vedic knowledge and causes a person to chase the delights of sense objects and strives mightily to satisfy every one of them.

By revealing the locations of where kama or lust is stationed Lord Krishna is indicating the means to defeat kama. As desire arises from contact with sense objects by seeing, hearing, touching etc. the mind is agitated and a determined effort to enjoy arises and lust manifests itself from within the mind completely overpowering the intellect and the discriminatory faculties and a person is controlled and deluded, forced to be a slave of their sense..

The senses, the mind and the intellect which controls the discriminatory faculty, is where kama or lust covertly resides and exercises its dominion over the atma or soul. Through kama the senses, the mind and the intellect become addicted to craving for sense objects. Kama seizes hold of the embodied beings and beguiles them by clouding the intellect and then kama covers and envelopes the atma or soul of that being in many ways and who subsequently becomes kama's slave doing anything to gratify its senses and is plunged into the prison garden of sense objects. This is what Lord Krishna is stating here.

To be continued  ...


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