Gita : Ch-7. Slo-1.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-7. ( Jnana-Vijnana-Yogam )

Slokam-1. ( Now hear, Arjuna, how by practicing yoga in full consciousness of Me, with mind attached to Me, you can know Me in full, free from doubt. )

Sri-bhagavan uvaca :

mayiasaktamanah     partha    yogam     yunjan     madasrayah,

asamsayam      samagram     mam     yatha     jnasyasi    tat   chranu.

Sri-bhagavan uvaca :  Lord   Krishna    said;

partha    mayi    asaktamanah   =   hey   arjuna!    fixing    your    mind    in   me   (  attaching   your   mind    unto   Me );

madasrayah   =   also    depending    Me   only   (    in    conscious   of    Me );

yogam    yunjan   =   if    you    prctice   meditation;

yatha   mam    samagram   =   completely,    as   much    as   unto   Me;

asamsayam     jnasyasi   =   without    doubt    you    know    Me;

tat   chranu   =   You   hear   about    that    (   hereafter ).

In this Seventh Chapter of Bhagavad-gita, the nature of  consciousness is fully described.

Krishna is full in all opulences, and how He manifests such opulences is described herein.

Also, four kinds of fortunate people who become attached to Krishna, and four kinds of unfortunate people who never take to Krishna are described in this chapter.

 At the end of the Sixth Chapter, it has been clearly stated that the steady concentration of the mind upon Krishna, or in other words  consciousness, is the highest form of all yoga.

By concentrating one's mind upon Absolute, one is able to know the Absolute Truth completely, but not otherwise.

Impersonal brahmajyoti or localized Paramatma realization is not perfect knowledge of the Absolute Truth because it is partial.

Full and scientific knowledge is Krishna, and everything is revealed to the person in that consciousness.

In complete  consciousness one knows that Krishna is ultimate knowledge beyond any doubts.

Different types of yoga are only steppingstones on the path of  consciousness.

One who takes directly to  consciousness automatically knows about brahmajyoti and Paramatma in full.

By practice of meditaion, one can know everything in full—namely the Absolute Truth, the living entities, the material nature, and their manifestations with paraphernalia.

One should therefore begin yoga practice as directed in the last slokam of the Sixth Chapter.

Concentration of the mind upon Paramatma the Supreme is made possible by prescribed devotional service in nine different forms, of which sravanam is the first and most important.

The Lord therefore says to Arjuna, "tat srnu," or "Hear from Me."

To be continued  ....