Gita : Ch-13. Introduction-1

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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-13. ( Kshetra-kshetrajna-vibhaga-yogam )


Of  Indriya-mano-bhuddhi  and  of  sensuous  objects  and  of  emotions,  this  Jagat,  and,  over  and  above  these  own  Self  illuminations  the  Supreme  Reality, i.e,  the  "Paramatma"  :  to  show  how  this  Perfection  to  be  experienced,  to  the  Jivatma,  and  take  him  to  the  door  of  'Bliss' .....  this  chapter,  is  very  important.

The  Paramatma  which  is  all  above  names  and  forms  ( nameless/formless) : How  to  fix  our  cittam  ( mind ) in  this  Paramatma ---How  to  practice "Nirgunadyanam"  ...  here  in  this  chapter  explained  clearly.

The  contents  of  "Gita"  is  the  great  knowledge  of  experiences  (Brief,  Suggestive,  declarations  )  of  Brahmarishi-s  and  Maharishi-s,  who  were  the "Tattvaidarsika-s" of  the  ancient  Bharatham.

The  supreme  discussions  between  Lord  Sri  Krishna  and  Arjuna :  open  this  darsanam-s  of  Rish--s,  through  beautiful  slokam-s  seen  all  over  Gita.

Lord  Sri  Krishna's  kindness  and  Arjuna's  weakness  :  these  two  this  great  Gita-sastram  a  great  text  to  the  world.

The  vision  is  in  great  depth  logically  and  scientifically  explained  and  proved  essential  to  our  day to day  life.

To be continued  ...

Children recitation-Centenary Celebration -Chinmaya Mission- California-USA


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