Gita: Ch-3. Slo-6.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-3. ( Karma-yogam )

Slokam-6. ( One who restrains the senses and organs of action, but whose mind dwells on sense objects, certainly deludes himself and is called a pretender.)

karmendriyani  samyamya  ya  aste  manasa  smaran,

indriyarthan  vimudhatma  mithyacarah  sa  ucyate.

karmendriyanni   samyamya  =  controlling all  karmendriya-s;

yah  manasa   =  anyone who by mind;

indriyarthan  =  about the vishayas of indriya-s (sense-objects ),

smaran  aste  =  remains  thinking;

vimudhatma  sah  =   foolish  person, he;

mithyacarah  ucyate =  (is)  called  as  Mithyacaran  ( pretender).

The unqualified renunciate who in ignorance attempts to perform jnana yoga the cultivation of spiritual knowledge is being censored now. In a strong sense Lord Krishna states: that fool who by forcefully restraining the senses under the pretext of meditation but is inwardly reflecting on the objects of the senses is a cheat and a charlatan. Being impure the mind of such an impostor lacks the tranquillity and lucidity to practice such meditation.

Whosoever without first unburdening themselves of all their sins, who without having first gained mastery of their senses and without having first achieved self-control of the mind. If such a person pretends to strives for atma-tattva or self-realisation of the soul, with their thoughts dwelling on sense objects due to attachment for them instead of focusing on the eternal soul. Then the conduct of such a one is duplicious and false and they are a charlatan. Any person acting in this way is only deceiving themselves by their own deception and surely will never succeed in realising the eternal soul.

If actions themselves are dependent upon the organs of the senses such as eyes, nose, ears etc., then how can one practice to control them. One who is able to restrain their body from sense objects still may find their mind attached to sense objects. This is due to impurities caused by passion and desires from past lifetimes. Such a person is called a charlatan. The sense is that the mind cannot be free from attachment to sense objects because of an absence of perfection in karma yoga by performing actions without desire thereby destroying the myriads of sins collected from time immemorial. Until and unless this has been achieved knowers of the Vedic scriptures call such a one a hypocrite or charlatan and all the efforts of such a charlatan although appearing as a renouncer is of no use for moksa or liberation.



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