Gita : Ch-3. Slo-23.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :

Chapter-3. ( Karma-yogam )

Slokam-23. ( For, if I did not engage in work, O Partha, certainly all men would follow My path. )

Yadi     hyaham     na    varteyam      jatu     karmanyatandritah,

mama     vartmanuvartante     manusyah     partha     sarvasah.

hi Partha = why because,  Arjuna,

aham  jatu atandritah = I ever with great care ( always alert and  active );

karmani na varteyam yadi = if  not engaged in karmam;

manushyah sarvasah = human beings by anyway (men in all respects);

mama vartma anuvartante = would  follow my path only.

In order to keep the balance of social tranquility for progress in spiritual life, there are traditional family usages meant for every civilized man. Although such rules and regulations are for the conditioned souls and not Lord Krishna, because He descended to establish the principles of Dharma, He followed the prescribed rules. Otherwise, common men would follow in His footsteps because He is the greatest authority. From the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is understood that Lord Krishna was performing all his Dharmic duties at home and out of home, as required of a householder.

This Slokam continues the theme of the previous Slokam that if Lord Krishna did not perform prescribed Vedic actions with vigilance and attention when the need arose then lesser great personalities would follow His example and it would bring ruin to the world.

Lord Krishna appeared as the son of King Vasudeva from the Vrishni dynasty, the foremost of the righteous. If Lord Krishna was to fail to perform prescribed Vedic activities then so many lesser personalities would follow in His footsteps thinking that is the standard. Lord Krishna is stating that He would be at fault for leading them falsely in the wrong way.

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