Gita : Ch-13. Slo-5. Discussion-8.

Saturday, Nov 26, 2016.
Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :
Chapter-13. (Kshetra-kshetrajna-vibhaga-yogam)

Slokam-5. ( That knowledge of the field of activities and of the knower of activities is described by various sages in various Vedic writings-especially in the Vedānta-sūtra-and is presented with all reasoning as to cause and effect. )

rshibhirbahudha  gitam  chandobhir  vividhaih  prthak,

brahmasutrapadaiscaiva  hetumadbhir  viniscitaih.

 rshibhih  bahudha  =  by  Rishi-s  in  many  ways;
vividhaih  chandobhih  =  many  different  Vedic mantra-s ( hymens );
hetumadbhih  viniscitaih  =  with cause and effect  and  ascertain ( certain  and  sure );
brahma-sutrapadais  eva  ca  =   the  vedantam  and  aphorism  too;
( etat)  prthak  gitam  =  variously  described  ( this  specially  reflected ).


Other scriptures such as the Chandogya Upanisad VI.II.I and II state : -

This creation was only existence in the beginning.

How can existence manifest from non-existence?

Who would be able to inhale and live had not the joy of bliss existed in the ether of the heart?

The Taittirya Upanisad II.VII states : -

It is this that verily bestows bliss.

The words anyat and pranyat from the previous verse denote who would be able to perform the functions of apana or inhalation and exhalation resulting in vital force.

Decisively establishing an indisputable explanation through a thesis of erudite and conclusive statements; whatever has been explained elaborately by sages and definitively in Vedic scriptures and is difficult of to summarise Lord Krishna will give the essence.

To be continued  ....


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