Gita : Ch-13. Slo-5. Discussion-6.

Monday, Nov 14, 2016.
Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :
Chapter-13. (Kshetra-kshetrajna-vibhaga-yogam)

Slokam-5. ( That knowledge of the field of activities and of the knower of activities is described by various sages in various Vedic writings-especially in the Vedānta-sūtra-and is presented with all reasoning as to cause and effect. )

rshibhirbahudha  gitam  chandobhir  vividhaih  prthak,

brahmasutrapadaiscaiva  hetumadbhir  viniscitaih.

 rshibhih  bahudha  =  by  Rishi-s  in  many  ways;
vividhaih  chandobhih  =  many  different  Vedic mantra-s ( hymens );
hetumadbhih  viniscitaih  =  with cause and effect  and  ascertain ( certain  and  sure );
brahma-sutrapadais  eva  ca  =   the  vedantam  and  aphorism  too;
( etat)  prthak  gitam  =  variously  described  ( this  specially  reflected ).


It should not be assumed that the Vedanta Sutras discuss only about the brahman because that is not the case, for in order to impart knowledge of the brahman the atma, the jiva and the Supreme Lord must also be discussed as well, along with the invariable attributes of omnipresence, sustenance, purity, maintenance, etc.
These things could not be comprehended correctly without understanding their relationship to the Supreme Lord.
Neither could they be propounded properly without defining their relationship with the atma which is fully controlled and dependent and mercifully graced by the Supreme Lord. So descriptions of the embodied soul and its origin, nature and function are very beneficial regarding knowledge of the brahman and there is no contradiction anywhere in the Vedic scriptures in any way. For example ether is known not to be created as it is not stated it is in the Vedic scriptures.
This is confirmed in Vedanta Sutras II.III.I. Also the atma being eternal is not created because no Vedic scripture has stated thus.
The individual atma is the knower and omniscient as confirmed in Vedanta Sutras II.III.XVII.
So for both examples the effect is established by understanding the cause.

So this topic has been well spoken of in detail both generally and specifically of kshetram and the kshetra-jnan but now Lord Krishna will concisely explain it further.
To be continued  ...