Gita : Ch-13. Introduction-7.

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Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :
 Chapter-13. ( Kshetra-kshetrajna-vibhaga-yogam )

Through  the  way,  of  "VIVEKAM  and  VICHARAM"  if  to  separate ( both )  and  knowing  and  experiencing  them,  by  'Dyanam' renouncing  the  attachment  towards  body-mind-bhuddhi,  one  can  attain  mokasham  from  'Kshetram' and  the  connected  miseries  of  'Samsaram'.

Thereafter,  the  'Jivatma' ( Kshetragjnan )  leave  the  "Pariccinna-bhavam" ( body )  and  then  joins,  its  own  "Svasvarupam" ( Paramatma-Bhavam ).

The  Jivatma  which  is  citta-svarupi,  engaged  in  the  field  of  sensuous  objects,  thereon  know  and  experience  them,  then  becomes  ' kartrutva-bhoktrutva-abhiman,  jiva.

It  means  that  the Suddha-chaithanyam  ( Pure-inner-Self ) when  relates / mix / joins  with  'Kshetram' it  becomes  'Kshetragjnan'.

If  'Kshetram' is  removed  from  'Kshetragjnan'  the  balance  is  '' Suddha-chaithanyam'  only.
[ Kshetragjnan  minus  Kshetram = Suddha-jnanan  ( Prajnanam ) ].

That  itself  Pari-purnam  and  Ananda-svarupan  too.

This  chapter  if  Sadhaka  studies  at  most  care,  he  will  attain  the  inner  sight  and  experience  of  atyatmic-secrets,    

Introduction ENDS.
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To be continued   ...

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