Gita : Ch-13. Slo-8 to 12. Introduction-1

Very Important slokam-s : ( Members, follow carefully )


Srimad Bhagavad-Gita :


Slokam- 8 to 12*. ( Introduction )- Pat-1

The state  "Kshetrajnan"   imposed on "Atma" is due to its relationship with "Kshetram" only. This is already explained in detail, in previous slokam-s. Hereafter one should know about "Atma". Lord Krishna narrates : the 20 Sadhanas ( Jnana-sadhana-s ) to attain the Jnanam about "Atma". These makes a person fit for "Atmasakshatkaram". A must for all who wants to know "Atma". Slokam-8 to 12, count them one by one for us :

1. Amanitvam is absence of desire for honour due to reverence and humilty.

2. Adambhitva is lack of pride due to simplicity and absence of duplicity. Adambhitvam means to be without pride.

3. Ahimsa is non-violence to others by thought, word or action.  Ahimsa is not causing pain to other living beings,

4. Ksantih is tolerance, forbearance even when antagonised.  Ksantih is tolerance in the face of insults.

5. Arjavam is sincerity and straightforwardness even to those duplicitous. Arjava is uprightness and straightforwardness.

6. Acaryopasana is unmotivated devotion to the guru who imparts spiritual knowledge.

Acaryapasana means unreserved and unmotivated service to the Vaisnava spiritual master.

7. Saucam is purity in thought, word and action to enable to qualify for spiritual knowledge. Saucam means purity both internal and  external.

In the Sandilya Upanisad beginning saucam ca dvividham prohitam refers to two types of purity.

External purity is obtained by rubbing earth and water while internal purity is obtained by purification of the mind.

8. Sthairya is unwavering faith in the spiritual masters teachings from the Vedic scriptures. ,

The word sthairya means steadfastness on the path of righteousness by one who has accepted it.

9. Atma-vinigriha is self control by withdrawing the mind from pursuits other than spiritual. Atma-vinigraha or control over the body and the senses which uncontrolled hinder realisation of the atma or immortal soul,

10. Vairagyam is renunciation of activities unrelated to the soul. Vairagya indriyartha means renunciation of sense objects.

To be continued Part-2 of Introduction ..


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